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The Five Categories of Jews

Complete & Incomplete Tzaddik/Rasha

The Benoni (The Intermediate)

Souls with Greater Spiritual Capacity

General Souls

Every Soul has its Own Unique Characteristics I

Every Soul has its Own Unique Characteristics II

The Spiritual Significance of a Name

A Fundamental Principle of Torah

A G-dly Person

A Source of G-dly Awareness

The Significance of Miracles

Prophecy and Ruach HaKodesh

His Blessing and Prayers

His Advice and Instructions

The Difference Chassidic Rebbes

The Spiritual Significance of a Holiday

Rosh Hashanah The General Lifeforce of the Year

Rosh Hashanah Activating G-d's Attribute of Royalty

Yom Kippur The Essence of the Soul Surfaces

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